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2015 is coming to an end, but work never stops at Indie Book Translations! This year has been a prolific one, with 15 novels translated (you can see the twelve that have already been published, along with all my previous translations, here). All of them received good reviews, which is always pleasant for a translator 🙂 I also got the opportunity to meet some new authors, including the amazing Ripley Patton and Suzan Tisdale, who have joined Amber Kell in the list of people who tolerate my humor. Yes, this has been a good year.

But, as I said, work never stops. There will be plenty more books coming in 2016, with possibly some new names on the covers. In the meantime, I updated the “Translations Made Easier” page with some more accurate cost estimations and gave it a bit of much needed polish. You may want to give it a read 🙂

Happy New Year, folks! I’ll see you in 2016.