Translations Made Easier

“I would like to reach foreign markets, but finding a reliable translator is so hard!”

“I don’t know Italian! How can I know whether a translation is good or not?”

“I don’t have time to juggle between translators, proofreaders and beta-readers!”

All these, and more, are issues that plague indie authors looking forward to reach new readers abroad. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with them, at least not when your Italian translations are concerned. I can provide you a full package of translation, proofreading and beta-reading, giving you exactly what you need: a book ready to format and publish on Amazon and any other Italian ebook store of your choice.

Who I am and with whom I work

I have more than five years of experience in the translation business. I worked with international bestselling authors (you may recognize a few names and faces here), translating a total of 91 between novels, novelettes and short stories. I work in tandem with a proofreader and a quality controller to guarantee a professional level of quality, on par with what a traditional foreign publisher would give you.

How fast?

I work well, but also fast. If your novel is, say, 80,000 words long, I can deliver the translation in about 30 working days – again, not just a draft that you have to find someone to edit and quality-check, but a finished book ready for publishing. I will also translate the book’s blurb and listing page (for some unknown reason, people keep asking me if I do that. Yes, I do. Why wouldn’t I?).

During the whole translation process, I will keep contact with you, informing you on the progress and asking you a boatload of questions in order to make sure I understand everything and give the exact feeling you wanted to give to the book. I’ll try not to bother you too much, but I will send you a few emails for the sake of doing your baby justice.

What do I translate?

I mostly work with romance authors, but I can translate books of all genres. “Steamy” content is okay, but because of personal taste, I will not translate books with strong BDSM themes (non-explicit books, or books where BDSM is not the main selling point, are fine), nor do I normally work with erotica. Also, I will refuse to translate books with racist, sexist, homophobic or similar subtexts or messages (books where these things are present, but not portrayed in a positive way, are fine): I had the misfortune of doing it once, and will not make that mistake again. Finally, for personal reasons, I will not translate “mafia romance” of any kind. Sorry, folks.

How much will it cost?

Here is a quick overview of my rates (note: all rates are in euro). I use a two-step payment model: 50% at the signature of the contract and 50% at the delivery of the translation. I accept Paypal and Transferwise as payment methods.

0.038/word This is my basic fee for a translation. It means that, for example, a 50.000 words book would cost you € 1.700. This price includes proofreading (done by a third person and accounting for 20% of the total cost) and quality control! I may have to charge more for particularly complex, hard to adapt books, although I have never felt the need to do so in the past (and I have more than 100 translations under my belt).
Free The translation of the book’s title, blurb and listing page. Nothing to pay here!

Need more information? Want to contact me? Send me a mail at ernpavan[at]gmail[dot]com (or just use my contact form) and I will reply as soon as I can. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Translations Made Easier”

  1. Fast, accurate, and absolutely outstanding! Ernesto Pavan is a dream to work with, and went above and beyond in his helpfulness and courtesy. I struck gold when I found


  2. So, you only do translations into Italian? I need a French translater.


  3. Hello Ernesto–

    How are you? I have a women’s fiction novel, entitled A Scarcity of Virgins, that is already for sale on and in English. I would like to make it available as an eBook in Italian for the Italian market.

    I have been advised that with only one novel under my belt, it might not be the best idea to release it in translation just yet.

    I do speak some Italian, but not fluently, having grown up in a Sicilian dialect-speaking immigrant family in Canada. I would, nevertheless, like to have the book translated at this time.

    I dont have a large budget, so I used Deepl to translate my novel into Italian. I can see that the nuances are not there and some phrases sound stilted.

    I was wondering how much you would charge to review the Deepl translation and make any necessary changes to the novel (and cover, listing page information and blurb)? Thanks. JoAnn


  4. Sorry–Re: JoAnn Catania post. Forgot to mention that my novel, A Scarcity of Virgins, is approx. 98,000 words. 🙂


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