Past Projects

In this page, you will find all my previous translations. I will keep it updated with all my new works, which I expect to be plentiful  🙂

Books by Glynnis Campbell (USA Today bestelling author and Queen of Blades)

The Knights de Ware series:


The Medieval Outlaws series:

The Warrior Maids of Rivenloch series:


The Scottish Lasses series:

Books by Tanya Anne Crosby (New York Times and USA Today bestselling author)

Tanya has the habit of changing her covers from time to time, so these are probably outdated, but the links should work.

Standalone titles (in no particular order):

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The Highland Brides series:

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The Guardians of the Stone series:

Books by Brenda Hiatt (New York Times and USA Today bestselling author)

The Saint of Seven Dials series:

The Seven Saints Hunting Club series:

The Hiatt’s Regency Classics series:

Books by Erica Ridley (USA Today and New York Times bestselling author)

The Dukes of War series:

Books by Maggie Shayne (New York Times bestselling author)

The Immortals series:

Books by Suzan Tisdale (USA Today bestselling author)

Standalone titles (in no particular order):


The Clan MacDougall series:


The Clan McDunnah series:


Books by Cynthia Wright (New York Times bestselling author)

Rakes and Rebels: The Raveneau Family series:


Books by Ellisa Barr


Books by Amber Kell (bestselling M/M author)

Moon Pack series:

81zUo7liSkL._SL1500_ 81VvbuR7PTL._SL1500_ 81a621k3yZL._SL1500_ 81MNWXuUnzL._SL1500_91typjgSELL._SL1500_91jSrQZKlhL._SL1500_51iu+kVLuBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ 51xWIfag1WL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_51b6I-PjaeL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_51dgN20l7XL5124iYq-9CL

Dragon Men series:

81Oyfk4FEqL._SL1500_ 8171K4Vd0zL._SL1500_ 81F9r9-h95L._SL1500_ 81djDa+BmiL._SL1500_511w0cgfshl

Quentin Heart series:


Books by Ripley Patton (indie YA author)

The PSS Chronicles:


Books by Charles Sheehan-Miles (indie romance author)

The Thompson Sisters series:


Books by Dreamspinner Press (publisher)

I translated lots of books for this publisher. Here are those that have been published so far.

Standalone titles (in no particular order):

71a9PDq9HDL._SL1350_ 71CbV3suuZL._SL1350_ 71oJqn5UOyL._SL1350_ 71VOBUBr1NL._SL1350_ 81ELEr9thZL._SL1500_ 81UhX18y31L._SL1350_ 711eBrdhsBL._SL1350_ 719fYcC86TL._SL1350_

The Good Fight Series:


Good to Know series (volumes 1 and 2 were done by a previous translator who quit):


Love Means… series:


Range Stories series:

817uKnnySML._SL1350_ 81AfIiOHmGL._SL1350_ 816IGmYEKRL._SL1350_ 81Aw9ndvxbL._SL1350_ 71s3Hmn1Q+L._SL1350_

Senses and Sensations series:


The Shifters series:



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