Praise for Indie Book Translations

Still on the fence? Read what other authors have to say about me!


“Ernesto should be an Italian national treasure! He creates masterful translations, paying close attention to detail, working with astonishing speed, and communicating with such fluency and good humor that it’s easy to forget he’s Italian.” Glynnis Campbell, USA Today bestelling author 


“I love working with Ernesto Pavan. Working together with Maria Idotta, their attention to detail is outstanding and he goes above and beyond to get the translation done. The final work is something I can be proud of.” Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times bestelling author 


“Ernesto has translated a dozen books for me now, and I couldn’t be happier! He’s a treat to work with, great at communication and always willing to answer questions and otherwise go above and beyond anything I expected. If you’re looking for an Italian translator, look no further! Ernesto is as skilled, professional and reasonable as they come.” Brenda Hiatt, New York Times and USA Today bestelling author 


I’ve had Ernesto translate several of my books. He is professional, keeps to his schedule and has an excellent attitude. I’ve enjoyed working with Ernesto and plan to continue working with him in the future.  Amber Kell, bestelling M/M author


Ernesto translated two fiction books into Italian for me and he was professional, fast, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Ripley Patton, indie author



“Fast, accurate, and absolutely outstanding! Ernesto Pavan is a dream to work with, and went above and beyond in his helpfulness and courtesy. I struck gold when I found” Maggie Shayne, New York Times bestelling author


“Ernesto has done a fabulous job with all the translations he has done for me. He is fun to work with and always answers any questions I have. He goes above and beyond the normal scope and I sincerely appreciate that!” Suzan Tisdale, USA Today bestelling author 


All quotes and pictures were graciously provided by the authors and are used with their permission.

Photo credits (for each picture), where available and required: Renee Silverman (Glynnis Campbell), Gary Frost Photography (Suzan Tisdale), Todd L. Church Photography (Tanya Anne Crosby)